Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

The many Benefits of Therapeutic Massage include:

  • Enhances General Health: improves circulation of blood and lymph, improves immune system function, relaxes muscular tension and aches, relieves tension headaches, promotes well nourished and healthy skin.
  • Supports Your Fitness or Sports Programs: rejuvenates tired and sore muscles, helps improve flexibility, relaxes tight muscles, speeds recovery from strenuous activity.
  • Relieves the Effects of Stress: triggers the relaxation response, reduces anxiety, relaxes tense muscles, restores a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Combats the Effects of Aging: enhances tissue elasticity, improves joint mobility, promotes healthy, vibrant skin, relieves muscle ache and stiffness, increases circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Therapeutic massage is also an effective complement to other types of health care such as Acupuncture, Physical and Occupational Therapy, and Chiropractic, and is also helpful during and after Pregnancy as well as after Surgery.

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